Cheddar and rosemary savoury biscuit

This is our savoury biscuit with the flavour of cheddar and rosemary in great harmony. This biscuit is designed to partner a glass of wine and pleasant conversation.
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Orange and coriander

The infusion of the flavours of orange and ground coriander seeds, rarely used in confectionery, creates a subtle and refined taste. We also add small oat flakes, freshly squeezed orange juice and grated orange zest to the dough.
Whole-wheat ginger biscuit

This biscuit is a combination of oat flakes and whole-wheat flour infused with the rich flavour and fragrance of ginger. It is popular among the health-conscious.
Lemon biscuit

Traditional butter biscuit with the fragrance and flavour of freschly picked lemon. Pleasent taste experience with a cup of tea, or just on its own...
Chocolate biscuit

The cocoa flavoured dough is spotted with chocolate chips. It is light and crispy, recommended especially for chocolate lovers.
With mango

The characteristic taste of ripe mango is liked by many. Using tiny coconut shavings, we managed to make the ensemble of flavours and aromas evoke in us the exciting atmosphere of the tropics.
Cranberry biscuit

This biscuit is made with cane sugar and almond meal, and a generous amount of finely chopped dried cranberries.
Gluteinfree with chocolate chip

We recommend this delicious, homemade biscuit for those who are sensitive to gluten. Baked chocolate drops are everyone's favorite. It is made with a gluten-free flour mixture.

Traditional Tuscan almond dipping biscuits. Recommended for coffee and tea. But many also like it in their place of origin, soaked in sweet wine - traditionally in Vin Santo. Exclusive packaging is available on request during the Christmas season.
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