I have always enjoyed making biscuits using recipes from all around the world so one day I thought: why not make these biscuits much loved by friends and family available for everyone? This is how in the autumn of 2011 we started producing our high quality hand made all-butter biscuits in our family patisserie, which has been operating in Vác for over twenty years.


When making our delicious biscuits we follow English recipes and traditions so that our products can meet the high demands of those who seek the perfect complement to a cup of tea or coffee.


The dough of our biscuits is made from the best quality natural ingredients and is spread, cut and placed on the baking sheet by hand. The soul of our products is the inimitable and forever delectable butter and to further enhance the taste of our biscuits we use genuine Bourbon vanilla pods, cane sugar, almond meal, whole wheat flour, oat-flakes, chocolate chips, grated orange zest and freshly squeezed orange juice.

Our eight types of biscuits are not merely variants of the same dough with different flavours, every biscuit has a special recipe offering very different pleasures for the taste buds.

We create biscuits exclusively with natural ingredients making sure the procedures are the same as when we bake for our own family: without artificial additives, or “E-numbers”.

It is important for us to create biscuits that are noticeably different. It is worth saving a few moments of tranquility for savouring the beautiful harmony between the flavours of our biscuits and the taste of coffee or tea.


We hope you enjoy Floq biscuits.

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